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Dee Dee and Her Special Day by Peter McCluskey

June 25, 2021

Dee-Dee Nee-Bee-Ess-Kee is 12 years old and she loves to daydream and to play with her little dog, Bobek.

Mieszka w małym miasteczku niedaleko pięknego lasu.

One day she decides not to go to school but, instead, to go to the forest to have a special day all to herself.

"Bobek -  I will have a fantastic day and do all the things I want to do," she tells her little dog.

Bobek jumps up and down and runs around in circles -  jest taki podekscytowany.

Early in the morning Dee Dee sets off for the forest to have her special day. will Dee-Dee's day turn out to be? How special will it be?

Cóż, dowiedzmy się, co się stanie......


Written by: Peter McCluskey

Directed by: Kamila Dydyna

Performed by: Justyna Cwojdzińska

Sound Design: Fiona Sheil

Theme tune by: Tom Lane

Recording engineer: Stephen Crawley

Produced by: Heather Rose

Dramaturgy by: Mark Ball

Language consultant: Aleksandra Rosiak


Special thanks to: Riverbank Arts Centre, axis: ballymun and the Arts Council

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