Super Paua Stories

Krys’s Passport to Poland by Alison Martin

June 25, 2021

When Krys Maguire’s family move from Poland, she says goodbye to best friend Aggy and any chance of going to the Euros. “Co może być ważniejsze niż Mistrzostwa Europy?” But a trip to Dalymount means the soccer-mad schoolgirl might get the result she wants after all.


Written by: Alison Martin

Directed by: Kamila Dydyna

Performed by: Sophie Campbell, Justyna Cwojdzińska and Kamila Dydyna

Sound Design: Fiona Sheil

Theme tune by: Tom Lane

Recording engineer: Stephen Crawley

Produced by: Heather Rose

Dramaturgy by: Mark Ball

Language consultant: Aleksandra Rosiak


Special thanks to: Riverbank Arts Centre, axis: ballymun and the Arts Council

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