Super Paua Stories

The Snowman by Cathal McCabe

June 25, 2021

Kamil and Julia wake to an overnight snowfall. They can't wait to go outside to build a snowman. Thus begins the short life of The Snowman who, 'born' in December, 'lives' only until the new year... but a life full of incident, observation, emotion and poetry. Based on the author's poem 'The Snowman' from his collection this is a story for children and their parents.


Written by: Cathal McCabe

Directed by: Kamila Dydyna

Performed by: Sophie Campbell, Kamila Dydyna, Lena Kwiatkowska, Mateusz Szczerek and Max Woods

Sound Design: Fiona Sheil

Theme tune by: Tom Lane

Recording engineer: Stephen Crawley

Produced by: Heather Rose

Dramaturgy by: Mark Ball

Language consultant: Aleksandra Rosiak


Special thanks to: Riverbank Arts Centre, axis: ballymun and the Arts Council

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